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Welcome to Tornado Alley!

Why Tornado Alley?  Well, it's obvious that this stretch of land is familiar with tornadoes.  Tornadoes, also know as twisters and funnel clouds, are common in the Alley and it's up to the residents to stay prepared and ready to evacuate if the sirens go off.  Tornadoes are similar to Hurricanes except no one really knows when the tornado will hit until the last minute!  This is why Tornadoes should be considered as the second worst natural disaster in the world.

Tornadoes are measured on the Fujita Scale, with F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5.  F0 tornadoes has estimated winds of 40-72 mph, F1 tornadoes have estimated winds of 73-112 mph, F2 tornadoes have estimated winds of 113-157 mph, F3 tornadoes have estimated winds of 158-206 mph, F4 tornadoes have estimated winds of 207260 mph, and F5 tornadoes have estimated winds of 261-318 mph.

Natural Disasters

Earthquake - Never know - Imagine, all of a sudden, the ground is shaking! What to do?
Tornado - Last minute decision - Sirens going off allows some kind idea that a tornado is near!
Tsunami - Have an idea - Sometimes, sirens go off but do they go off too late?
Hurricane - Know it's coming with plenty of time - We know when they're coming way ahead of time!  Get out of there!